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Update your preferences to receive 2019 Entrust Dividend

  • Posted on: 07, 02, 2019
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Update your preferences to receive 2019 Entrust  Dividend

Important information for dividend recipients – two easy steps

Auckland, 28 June 2019 – In the next few weeks more than 333,000 Aucklanders get to choose how they’ll receive their annual Entrust dividend, which will be paid in late September. Documents are arriving soon, by post.

Every year in June, Entrust, the community trust that owns 75.1% of listed company Vector, sends payment preference forms to all households and businesses in the Entrust district, connected to Vector’s electricity network.

Now is a good time for everyone to check their details and review their dividend payment method, says Entrust Chairman, William Cairns.

“We want to make sure everyone gets their dividend as quickly and smoothly as possible. Making sure there’s an exact match between the name on a power bill and a bank account, is a small but very important detail.

“It’s all about making things easy for later in the year. We want to hear from people who want to choose or change their payment method, selecting from:

  • Direct credit to a bank account
  • Cheque, or
  • Credit to their electricity bill.

“Forms will start to appear in letterboxes soon. The good news is that most people won’t have to do anything if everything matches and they’re happy with how they are receiving their Entrust dividend,” says Mr Cairns.

The Entrust dividend, New Zealand’s largest dividend pay-out, went to more than 333,000 people last year, contributing nearly $116 million to the Auckland economy.

To make the payment process smooth, there’s two important things to get right:

  1. Check the name on the Entrust form is exactly the same as the bank account that the cheque or direct credit will be paid into. If it’s not, ask your electricity retailer to update your power account name to match
  2. To change your payment method update the Entrust form and return it by Tuesday 6 August.

William Cairns encourages everyone living in the Entrust district to check their details.

“Please, take a moment to make those small but important checks now.”

Update forms will be appearing in mailboxes shortly. For more information visit www.entrustnz.co.nz or www.facebook.com/entrustnz


About Entrust

Entrust (formerly Auckland Energy Consumer Trust) is a private trust that owns the majority of Vector on behalf of its more than 333,000 beneficiaries.

Entrust owns 75. 1% of shares in Vector. The shares are held in trust for energy consumer beneficiaries in Auckland, Manukau, northern parts of Papakura and eastern Franklin who are paid a cash dividend each year. Last year the dividend was $350.

The organisation was created in 1993, to ensure that power lines remained in the control of electricity consumers and was established under a trust deed for 80 years on behalf of electricity consumers in the area that used to be served by the Auckland Electric Power Board.


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