About the Bureau Media Booking Hub

The Ethnic Bureau

is a media hub representing over 80 ethnic media companies covering TV, radio, print and digital/social media options – across the Asian, Māori and Pacific communities in New Zealand.

The Ethnic Bureau was established to improve communications into the ethnic, or “hard to reach” audiences in New Zealand and is supported by the NZ Government, but managed by Niche Media Ltd, with all profits going to support the Pouwels Charitable Foundation and its Scholarship, or paid internship program for Māori, Pacific and Asian media professionals.

The Bureau provides media recommendations to clients, (the NZ Government, a network of advertising agencies and corporate clients), which are based on independent research conducted in conjunction with the NZ Government and supported by over 2 decades of experience and insights collected by Niche Media.

Niche Media and the Bureau also provide direct access into the communities for clients, through a network of Community Liaison Managers, (the CLM network), who are well-respected and influential members of each community. These Liaison Managers provide specialist services which improve the reach of media and develop more targeted and effective communications at a community engagement level.

marty pouwels

Marty Pouwels

Marty Pouwels is a founding member of Niche Media and the Bureau and has been instrumental in helping corporate, agency and public sector clients to reach and engage with Maori, Pacific and Asian communities. Originally from Invercargill, Marty also chairs the NZ Association of Ethnic Communications Incorporated, New Zealand’s ethnic media association serving the media organisations and the Chinese, Indian, Maori, Pacific and Korean communities. Marty lectures on the subject of multicultural communications at various tertiary institutions throughout NZ.
lina liu

Lina Liu

Media Manager
Lina Liu joined Niche Media in Oct 2014, originally from China. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Teaching at Hebei Normal University, China and obtained her Bachelor of Communication (International Communication) at Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. Lina also plays a community role and has volunteer experience at Avondale Community Action Center.