Chinese Herald

chinese herald

Name : Chinese Herald
Year Established : 1994
Distribution : Auckland
Frequency : Friday only, Published Friday only
Sections : News, Editorial, Entertainment, Politics, International News, Finance, Education, Motoring, Build, Sports, Tuesday: Education, Law, Travel, Health,Thursday: Property, Motoring, Build, Saturday: Computer, Education, Life

The Chinese Herald is a leading Chinese language newspaper that serves the growing Chinese community in Auckland. It also has limited distribution in Hamilton. Covering both national and international news, the paper is known for its journalistic output and is easily one of the most effective publications for advertisers keen to get their message across to an educated, high earning section of that community.

Type: Broadsheet
Language: Traditional Chinese
Booking Deadline: 7 working days before
Material Deadline: 5 working days before
Material Types: Hi-Res PDF

Published Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Booking Contact Details:
For more in depth information, or to book media directly, please contact or phone 09 532 9780

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Portrait 126mm x 358mm $919.74 $1,149.67
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