Chinese Voice


Name : Chinese Voice Broadcasting (CVB)
Year Established : 2004
Distribution : Nationwide
Frequency : FM99.4 and AM936
Sections : Cantonese/Mandarin radio

Chinese Voice broadcasts in two radio channels, AM 936 and FM104.2 which operate 24 hours 7 days a week throughout the greater Auckland region, capturing over 90% of the Chinese radio audience.

Both channels aim to communicate to Mandarin speaking audiences in NZ. Both target young adults, members of the workforce and house wives. The channels are segmented to match different demographic groups with various time slots. The programme scheduling is specifically designed to fit in with listener lifestyles and habits.

AM936 (New Supremo) is the only Mandarin radio channel in New Zealand; it features daily live programs from Taiwan UFO Radio.
UFO Radio is so famous because it delivers the most important element of radio- FAST. Besides, UFO pop chart is also well-known in the Greater China Region

Note: Translations into ethnic languages may be longer than the original English

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For more in depth information, or to book media directly, please contact or phone 09 532 9780

15 secs Prime time Mon - Sun Per spot $56.84 $71.05
Prime time One wk package (42) $1,042.11 $1,302.63
20 secs Prime time Per spot $75.79 $94.74
Prime time One wk package (42) $1,515.79 $1,894.74
30 secs Prime time Spot $94.74 $118.42
Prime time Package (42) $1,894.74 $2,368.42
60 secs Prime time Any day of a week Ad Lib $488.42 $610.53
3 mins Prime time Any day of a week Interview $1,052.63 $1,315.79