Humm FM (106.2 FM)

humm fm

Name : HummFM
Year Established : 2011
Distribution : Greater Auckland, Internet
Frequency : 106.2 FM

Humm 106.2 FM is Auckland’s first and only Indian FM station. Launched in 2011, Humm FM is not just a radio station but also a trusted source of infotainment for the greater Indian diaspora. The station not only broadcasts to the Auckland listeners but also worldwide via the internet.

Targeted to the age group of 18-45, the music mix of the station is majorly upbeat and the mood is also reflected in the unique presenter talents of the station. Though Humm 106.2 FM is primarily a Bollywood station, but it has a very unique programming and deliverance that sets it apart from any other generic

Bollywood stations of the world (a fact that is reflected in the huge number of online listenership which recorded over 9.5million on-line sessions in Aug 2014).

The specialist programming and packaging of the station is a result of an experienced team, the members of which have years’ of experience behind them (in countries like India, Fiji and NZ). The most popular topics covered by the station are Bollywood, local and national news/events, sports (rugby, cricket, soccer and so on), international fashion and various community events/promotion/news.

Humm 106.2 FM is very committed to play a key role in supporting and promoting various community, cultural events and local businesses. The station not only provides its advertisers a platform to promote their business but also establishes a long lasting relation with them. The station has a very big, effective and dynamic online presence. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the main medium of listener interaction. The Humm FM facebook page is the only Indian radio in New Zealand that has a verified status from facebook. Humm FM also has a huge number of online listenership from all major countries.

Target Listnership :

  • Age: 18-35 yrs (primary target)
  • Female & family skew
  • Socio–Economic Classification: SEC B to SEC A+
  • Middle Class to Upper Class Indians

Cultural Bgd:

  • Largely Indian, Asian
  • Kiwi-Indians, Second Generation Indians
  • Indian / Asian Youth
  • More upmarket and global thinking population

HummFM is also available via the internet and streaming to mobile phones.

Booking Contact Details:
For more in depth information, or to book media directly, please contact or phone 09 532 9780

15 secs Prime/Non prime time Mon - Sun Per spot $32.89 $41.12
30 secs Prime/Non prime time Per spot $55.26 $69.08
15 secs Prime time Any day of a week Ad Lib $100.00 $125.00
30 secs Prime time Any day of a week Ad Lib $189.47 $236.84
2 mins Prime time Any day of a week Phone In's $315.79 $394.74