The Epoch Times NZ

the epoch times

Name : The Epoch Times NZ (Chinese)
Year Established : 2000
Distribution : Auckland CBD, Mt. Albert, Avondale, Greenlane Glen Innes, Onehunga, Christchurch, Newmarket, Epsom, Pakuranga,Mt. Roskill, Northcote, Hamilton, Mt. Eden, Balmoral, Panmure, Royal Oak Otahuhu, Wellington
Frequency : Weekly
Sections : New Zealand news, Asia news, International news, Cultural Stories, Human Rights, Social Justice, Sustainability.

The Epoch Times is a global print media network published in 17 languages with a total weekly worldwide circulation of 1.5 million copies. The New Zealand Edition was launched in August 2005.

It is targeted at educated professionals, global readers, regular readers, trusting readers, mature readers, and is distributed throughout (mainly) Auckland at Train Stations, selected business and public locations, via subscription to paying readers. It is also delivered to Members of Parliament and Councillors.

Format: Between Tabloid and Broadsheet
Booking Deadline: 5 working days prior to publication
Material Deadline: 3 working days prior to publication
Material Format: Hi-Res PDF

NB: 20% loading fee for page selection.

Booking Contact Details:
For more in depth information, or to book media directly, please contact or phone 09 532 9780

Full Page Portrait 370mm x 520mm $2,368.42 $2,960.53
1/2 Page Landscape 370mm x 258mm $1,184.21 $1,480.26
1/3 Page Landscape 370mm x 171mm $921.05 $1,151.32
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1/8 Page Landscape 183mm x 127mm $447.37 $559.21
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1/2 Page Landscape 264mm x 178mm $657.89 $822.37
1/3 Page Landscape 264mm x 117mm $473.68 $592.11
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1/4 Page Portrait 130mm x 178mm $368.42 $460.53