Weekly Korea


Name : Weekly Korea
Year Established : 2005
Distribution : Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua
Frequency : Weekly on Friday
Sections : Korean new, City council news, New Zealand education, and domestic economy. Articles of law, architecture, arts, accounting, historic, and educational cartoons.

The Weekly Korea is a weekly Korean language newspaper which is now becoming the most popular and respected news media within the Korean society in the Auckland region. This newspaper has recently been renamed from Newstoon NZ.

Basically it not only deals with Korean community news but also council news every week to provide and help the Korean community with wider and better understanding of what’s happening today in New Zealand.

A newspaper of 36-60 pages is issued weekly on every Friday with a circulation of 5.000. The Weekly Korea covers Hamilton and Rotorua where Korean communities are found

Format: Tabloid
Language: Korean
Booking Deadline: 5 working days prior
Material Deadline: 3 days prior
Material Type: Hi-res PDF

Booking Contact Details:
For more in depth information, or to book media directly, please contact mediamanager@nichemedia.co.nz or phone 09 532 9780

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