Korea Post Online

Korea Post online Name : Korea Post Online Year Established : 1998 Sections : car sale, buy & sell, flat & home stay, wanted, Q&A), with various Cafés and Netizen stories that provide useful information to people. The Korea Post website was opened in June 1998 for the purpose of giving Korean people useful information, […]

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Weekly Korea (ex Newstoon NZ)

Weekly Korea Name : Weekly Korea Year Established : 2005 Distribution : Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua Frequency : Weekly on Friday Sections : Korean new, City council news, New Zealand education, and domestic economy. Articles of law, architecture, arts, accounting, historic, and educational cartoons. The Weekly Korea is a weekly Korean language newspaper which is now

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NZ Times Korea with Goodday NZ

NZ Times Korea Name : NZ Times Korea with Goodday NZ Year Established : 1996 Distribution : Auckland (4,200), Hamilton (200), Wellington (300), Christchurch (300) Frequency : Weekly on Friday (except 5th Friday of month) The New Zealand Times Korean Newspaper has been growing up with the Korean community very closely since the first publication

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Korea Post (ex Korea Times)

Korea Post Name : Korea Post (ex Korea Times) Year Established : 1992 Distribution : Whangarei, Hamilton, Rotorua, Christchurch, Dunedin Frequency : Twice monthly; 2nd and 4th Tuesday Sections : business advertisements in New Zealand, local and Korean news, directory of shops and business, lots of materials to read and learn Formerly known as Korean

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