PMN 531

PMN 531 Name : Radio 531pi Year Established : 1992 Distribution : Auckland area also reaches as far north as Whangarei and as far south as the Waikato. Frequency : AM531 KHz Radio 531pi is a Pacific Media Network radio station, broadcasting on 531KHz to the greater Auckland region and beyond. Radio 531pi is a […]

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Niu FM Name : NIU FM Year Established : 2002 Distribution : Nationwide Frequency : 103.8, 100.3, 103.4, 103.9, 103.6, 103.4, 103.7, 100.7, 104.1 Broadcasts over 13 frequencies nationwide with 90,000 listeners nationwide 50% of their listeners are aged between 18-39 years. Niu FM, based in Ponsonby, Auckland, broadcasts nationally offering a mix of cool

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Radio Samoa (AM1593)

Radio Samoa (AM1593) Name : Radio Samoa Year Established : 1999 Distribution : Greater Auckland Area including the Waikato & Whangarei Frequency : 1593 AM Sections : Educational Programs, Health programs, Community programs, Political programs, Childrens programs, Business Programs, Awareness programs, Governments programs, Private sectors …Eg. : ACC, IRD, HOUSING, KIWI SAVERS, etc…. Frequency 1593

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21 Iwi Stations

21 Iwi Radio Name : 21 Iwi Radio Year Established : 1987 Distribution : New Zealand Wide Frequency : 365 days 24/7 Description : A group of 21 IWI radio stations broadcasting regionally and collectively covering all areas of New Zealand. Booking Contact Details: For more in depth information, or to book media directly, please

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Radio Apna (990 AM)

Radio Apna (990 AM) Name : Radio Apna 990AM Year Established : 2003 Distribution : Greater Auckland Area, as far North as Whangarei and as South as Hamilton. Also available to listen to online. Frequency : 990AM Sections : Hindi The main objective of Radio Apna is to provide the best in Hindi music, provide

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Humm FM (106.2 FM)

Humm FM (106.2 FM) Name : HummFM Year Established : 2011 Distribution : Greater Auckland, Internet Frequency : 106.2 FM Humm 106.2 FM is Auckland’s first and only Indian FM station. Launched in 2011, Humm FM is not just a radio station but also a trusted source of infotainment for the greater Indian diaspora. The

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Radio Tarana

Radio Tarana Name : Radio Tarana Year Established : 1996 Distribution : Whangerei, Auckland, and Waikato Frequency : 1386AM Sections : Radio Tarana is essentially a music station featuring a range of popular Hindi songs from the 50’s to present era. It also features regular news and sports bulletins, interviews and discussions on issues of

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Chinese Radio (90.6 FM)

Chinese Radio (90.6 FM) Name : Chinese Radio 90.6 FM Year Established : 1997 Distribution : Greater Auckland Area Frequency : 90.6 MHz (FM) Radio Chinese is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and was the first full time Chinese broadcaster in New Zealand since 1997. Radio Chinese is the fastest

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Chinese Voice (AM936, FM104.2)

Chinese Voice Name : Chinese Voice Broadcasting (CVB) Year Established : 2004 Distribution : Nationwide Frequency : FM99.4 and AM936 Sections : Cantonese/Mandarin radio Chinese Voice broadcasts in two radio channels, AM 936 and FM104.2 which operate 24 hours 7 days a week throughout the greater Auckland region, capturing over 90% of the Chinese radio

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